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Post by ForceFed on Mon Sep 19, 2011 3:15 pm

First things first, we won't be doing our own crafting. That's what minions, I mean, companions are for. Which is good, because there are already some reports that some items can take up to 20 minutes to craft! All companions will have 2 bonuses each to certain select skills. As far as I can find, the only 2 at them moment are efficiency and critical.

  • Efficiency - reduces the amount of time to craft an item, or complete a mission within the specified skill.

  • Critical - increases the likelihood of producing a critical within the specified skill.

Critical crafts have several outcomes, dependent upon the particular crafting skill. Armor and weapon crits yield either a superior version of the item, or an item with a modulator socket. When creating mods, crits can produce extra mods. Mission skill crits reward the player with "epic" quality crafting materials upon successful completion of the mission.

Players can choose a maximum of 3 skills, but can only have one crafting skill. Crew skills can be split into 3 categories: crafting, gathering, and mission. In addition to the description, I will also include the target user/benefactor of the various skills in parenthesis.

Crafting Skills

* Armormech - (non-force users) Medium and Heavy Aim and Cunning armor of varying types
* Armstech - (non-force users) Various ranged weapons
* Artifice - (force users) Lightsabers, Offhands
* Biochem - (any) "consumables"
* Cybertech - (smuggler/agent) Medium armor, implant and ear slot items, droid parts
* Synthweaving - (force users) Strength and Willpower armor of varying types

Gathering Skills

* Archaeology - (Artifice/Synthweaving)
* Bioanalysis - (Biochem)
* Scavenging - (Armormech/Armstech)
* Slicing - (Cybertech) Currently a big money-maker, as well as lots of free items

Mission Skills

* Diplomacy - (Artifice/Synthweaving) Additional opportunity for alignment points
* Investigation - (Armormech/Artifice/Synthweaving)
* Treasure Hunting - (Armstech/Artifice/Cybertech)
* Underworld Trading - (Armormech/Artifice/Synthweaving) Additional chance to obtain mods

So we get to pick 1 crafting skill, and then 2 others to compliment it. Most posts on the topic of crafting recommend Slicing, at least to level 50, due to the amount of money that it generates. Also, all Mission skills have a chance of producing gift items that players can use to increase their relationship with their companions.

Last we have "Reverse Engineering". Reverse Engineering more or less amounts to "disenchanting". A player can only reverse engineer items similar to what they can craft with whatever their crafting skill is, so if you choose Armstech you are only going to be REing ranged weapons. One of the potential results of RE-ing an item is to recover crafting materials from said item, and this will always be a result of the process. The other possible result can occur when a player RE's an item that they are able to craft, and that they actually have the pattern for, is to learn an improved version of that item! What is even better is that there is a way to improve the odds of learning an improved pattern, and that is by REing critical crafted items.

* uncommon pattern - learned from trainer
* rare pattern - RE'd from the uncommon version, produces additional and improved stats.
* epic pattern - RE'd from the rare version, produces an even greater amount of additional and improved stats.

Overall my opinion is that the profession system in ToR is looking much more interesting and fun than the crafting system in WoW. I am thrilled that the player has so much ability to improve the quality of their goods through reverse engineering. All of the "perks" from the gathering and mission skills seem pretty well balanced, aside from slicing being a money fountain. The icing on the cake is that our companions appear able to do most of the skill leveling while we are off gallivanting across the galaxy!
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