Guide to Recruitment Posting - READ BEFORE POSTING!

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Guide to Recruitment Posting - READ BEFORE POSTING!

Post by ForceFed on Mon Sep 19, 2011 3:20 pm

If you do not follow the outline in this guide, your post will be deleted and you will be issued a warning.

ALL subjects must adhere to this format. No special " *** " or " xXx ". We want members to be able to easily look for guilds to join.

[servername] - guildname - guildtype --- whateverthehellyouwant

Post Content

guildname - servername
guild website (url link)

Beyond the above, you are less restricted to your posting. However we would like for all guilds to include the information below.

looking for: state what type of player you are looking for, class or role.

about your guild: Tell potential members about how you operate. What is your gameplay focus? What is your schedule?
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