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Post by ForceFed on Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:25 pm

These are the general rules to follow here on the forums. Any questions should be directed to any moderator or administrator.
Do not disappoint me!

Ignorance is no excuse - The rules are posted for a reason, "I didn't know" is an unacceptable response.

No guild recruitment spam - We have a designated area specifically for this purpose. There will be NO guild recruitment messages outside the related forums. At all. Ever.
  • Guild recruitment in Signatures - allowed as follows: [guildname] is recruiting "here(url link to proper forum post)

Language and subject matter - We would like these forums to be an asset to everyone, so try to minimize "adult" language. What will not be tolerated is anything overtly racist or sexist, any bigotry... in short, nothing hateful, inflammatory or derogatory. Furthermore we encourage members to avoid discussions of political and religious nature, unless it is somehow in relation to the topic of the Star Wars universe.

Any further guidelines specific to a particular forum will be noted there within a "Guidelines" sticky post.
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