Overview - Stats in The Old Republic (Beta)

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Overview - Stats in The Old Republic (Beta)

Post by ForceFed on Mon Sep 19, 2011 2:57 pm

This is a simple overview of the stat system from the current beta build of ToR. It goes without saying that the numeric values may and probably will change between now and the official launch. That being said, the information here that I have scrounged up will be of some interest and value in that you can look and see which stats will be of value to your class and spec of choice!

All classes will have 1 primary stat. These are: aim, cunning, strength, and willpower. Additionally, all classes will use a stat called "endurance".

* Endurance - grants 10hp per point.
* Aim - grants 0.2 bonus ranged damage per point.
* Strength - grants 0.2 bonus melee damage per point.
* Cunning - grants 0.2 bonus tech damage per point.
* Willpower - grants 0.2 bonus force damage per point.

So, for every 5 points of your primary stat, you get 1 point of bonus damage. Furthermore, all primary stats offer an increased crit chance, 140(primary) yields a 1% increase.

There is slightly less information currently on the numeric values of secondary stats. Much like other games the value of the secondary stats will not only vary from class to class, but likely from spec to spec as well.

* Presence - increases companion performance (i.e. damage, HP, and healing ability).
* Power - increases player damage (seems to be melee, force, and tech).
* Force Power - found on some weapons, increases force damage.
* Tech Power - found on some weapons, increases tech damage.
* Accuracy - increases "hit" up to 100%, beyond that it grants armor/spell penetration.
* Crit - increases the chance of critical hits.
* Surge - increases the amount of damage done by critical hits.
* Armor - reduces the amount of physical and kinetic damage recieved.
* Defense - increases the chance of parry/deflect(ranged parry).
* Shield - increases the chance of "shielding" and attack.
* Absorption - increases the amount of damage mitigated by shielding.
* Alacrity - increases cast/channel haste.
* Expertise - the PvP stat, increases damage and healing done as well as reduces damage taken.

Some time in the future, when there is more information available, we'll take a look at which AC's will prefer which stats. Certainly we will have to wait until the various specs can be simulated and theorycrafting can be applied to determine the weight of the secondary stats, but that will give everyone a good place to start.
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