Opinions about a PvP build..

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Opinions about a PvP build.. Empty Opinions about a PvP build..

Post by Notx on Fri Feb 03, 2012 1:33 pm

This is ONLY a PvP build, I fully realize that it would be entirely insufficient at either damage or healing. My intention here was to get a good mix of a few key abilities and have a viable DoTs and HoTs build. Let me explain:

I went far enough into Medicine to get the Kloto Probe, that would give an extra ability and make just about a handful of heals. Good enough to help out a bit in PvP, but certainly not a dedicated healer. There is also a buff to Adrenaline Probe, which we use the crap out of in Warzones. Went into the Lethality tree for Cull. Cull takes all your DoTs and makes them worse. There is also a 100% chance snare, another buff to Adrenaline Probe, additional crit and DoT ticks, and Slip Away is a great movement speed boost when using Debilitate, one of our getthefrackoffme buttons. And finally, nine points in Concealment. Why? I didn't need anything past Cull or Kloto Probe, and I could pick up more damage, crit, movement speed and stealth. OK, now study:


So what do you think? I was worried I might be spreading points too thin going in three trees, but I didn't need anything else from Medicine or Lethality. I felt the extra points were best served giving me a boost to my bladed attacks and stealth, since the playstyle would be similar to a rogue, but able to [help] heal my party. Yeah?

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