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Class Overview - Jedi Knight (Beta) Empty Class Overview - Jedi Knight (Beta)

Post by ForceFed on Mon Sep 19, 2011 3:04 pm

Jedi Knight

AC - Sentinel: DPS options only, and emphasizes the usage of 2 lightsabers, or "dual wielding".

  • Combat - Direct damage attacks with triggered bonus damage.

  • Watchman - Damage is built upon "burn/bleed" debuffs placed on an enemy target.

AC - Guardian: DPS and tank capable, and emphasizes the usage of a single lightsaber.

  • Defense - The tanking spec, most of the abilities enhance survival and threat generation.

  • Vigilance - Melee DPS using a single lightsaber, using debuffs to enhance damage done.

Shared Tree - Focus : This tree is available to both ACs and can be a stand-alone tree, or as additional utility. It appears that the usage of this tree is dependent on the AC selection of the player.

* Pure DPS - achieving maximum DPS with these 2 trees seems like it will require dual-wielding. This assumption is based on a deeper talent, which grants a new ability to the player. This ability strikes with both weapons simultaneously if dual-wielding. However if 2-handed weapons have significantly greater DPS values on them then the tree could go either way. I think that could be likely.
* DPS support - lower level talents improve utility abilities, as well as some that increase damage done.
* Tank support - lower level talents improve utility abilities, and potentially a self-heal.

As far as class resources go, players will be monitoring "focus" . Unfortunately at this time I do not have any solid knowledge as to how this resource system works, so we will all have to wait to find out. I would assume it operates similar to the rage resource in WoW.

Stat choices seem relatively streamlined in ToR. Even though we have no idea what the priorities will be on secondary stats we can see which ones we are likely to want, and primary stats are relatively obvious.

Primary Stat

Secondary Stats - DPS

Secondary Stats - Tank

---> Shield and Absorption may be tanking stats for other tanking classes.

---> Power and Accuracy might be needed for threat generation.

Based on beta information, both classes wear either medium or heavy armor types. I assume the ability to equip one type or the other is based either on character level or AC choice. Weapons were mentioned briefly with the talent trees, but options are either 1 or 2 single-blade lightsabers depending on AC choice.

And that is all I have until I can get into the game myself. If I come across more information I will update as needed, and I will probably make a new post after the game goes live. In the mean time, if you are interested in either of these classes I encourage you to check out the talent calculator here.
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