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Post by Notx on Sun Dec 18, 2011 1:30 pm

I am copying the text from the Cold Fusion Imperial guild [Kass City] since the officers will be the same people. Please change anything here, or let me know what needs to be changed. Or if you would rather start a new thread, let me know and I'll delete this one. Wink

Cold Fusion Republic guild- Server: Corellian Run.
Eastern time zone.
http://coldfusion.guildlaunch.com/ <-- for the Imperial guild that is run by the same people.

Generally a casual guild with an occasional hardcore fling. No attendance requirements, but habitually absent players will naturally be replaced. Tight knight group of friends who have met each other throughout the last six years or so. Crude humor a staple, not a safe guild for kids. No plans for organized PvP.

Operation times are yet to be determined. Will edit this post after release to include the server, along with operation times and recruitment needs.


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