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Class Overview - Sith Inquisitor (Beta) Empty Class Overview - Sith Inquisitor (Beta)

Post by ForceFed on Mon Sep 19, 2011 3:12 pm

Sith Inquisitor

AC - Sorcerer: Ranged DPS and healer options.

  • Lightning - Direct ranged damage with triggered bonus damage.

  • Corruption - Healing, using a combination of "over time" abilities with a few direct heals.

AC - Assassin: Melee DPS and tank capable, and utilzes a dual-bladed lightsaber.

  • Darkness - The tanking spec, most of the abilities enhance survival and threat generation.

  • Deception - Melee DPS with stacking damage modifiers.

Shared Tree - Madness: This tree is available to both ACs and can be a stand-alone tree, or as additional utility. It appears that the usage of this tree is dependent on the AC selection of the player.

  • Pure DPS (ranged) - Appears to be the stronger pure spec. This tree utilizes multiple DoT attacks, with a few direct damage abilities.

  • Pure DPS (melee) - Looks only slightly less capable than the ranged option, the melee version of the tree blends fewer DoT abilities with melee damaged enhanced by force abilities.

  • DPS support (ranged) - extra damage, increased crit chance, bonus willpower, and self healing from damage done are all within reach.

  • DPS support (melee) - reduced ability cost, increased crit chance, and bonus willpower are all options

  • Healer support - increased willpower

  • Tank support - reduced ability cost, increased crit chance, bonus willpower, and some self healing.

As far as class resources go, players will be monitoring "Force". From watching game-play videos, it seems that this resource functions like mana does in WoW.

Stat choices seem relatively streamlined in ToR. Even though we have no idea what the priorities will be on secondary stats we can see which ones we are likely to want. Primary stats are relatively obvious in most cases, and according to reports a class will use the same primary stat regardless of role or spec.

Primary Stat

Despite having both melee and tank trees, it looks like all the abilities used are considered "force" abilities. Furthermore, the bonus willpower talent is at the bottom of the shared tree, making it easy access for melee and tank specs.

Secondary Stats - DPS and Healing
-Accuracy (probably DPS only)

Secondary Stats - Tank
---> Armor and Defense may be tanking stats for melee tanking classes.

---> Shield and Absorption may be tanking stats for ranged tanking classes.

---> Power and Accuracy might be needed for threat generation.

I am currently unsure of what armor types these classes will wear, although it appears that the synthweaving crafting skill will produce it. I assume the ability to equip whatever type is based on AC choice in this case due to the roles being so diverse. Weapons differ with the talent trees, with ranged using one single-bladed lightsaber, and the melee and tank using one dual-bladed lightsaber.

Although I have looked in to these classes more than others due to personal interest, information is limited. If I come across additional information I will update as needed, and I will probably make a new post after the game goes live.
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